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Bollyverse Partners with Shadow Factory, Hong Kong

Production and development for the world’s first and largest Bollywood Metaverse platform is on in full swing as the Bollyverse team works with Shadow Factory in programming and developing its key attractions for what will emerge as an amazing multiuser, immersive experience for Bollyverse fans! An avatar driven experience, users will be able to experience the virtual space, interact therein along with voice and text abilities.

Bollyverse Founder Kishore Samtani said at a recent corporate event “I am delighted to introduce a new stage on which today’s user, fan, gamer, avatar, artist and investor, can enter the Bollyverse arena where shows, events and art can be experienced through the booming universal Metaverse platform. Bollyverse is being developed to create authentic value, this is not the future, it’s the now! Whether buying or selling properties, NFTs, fungible tokens or building dream houses together, the virtual world becomes a new reality where Bollywood takes centre stage with every creator”.

Amit Chatterjee, Founder and Group Chairman of Shadow Factory said “We are thrilled to work with the Bollyverse team in their vision of bringing Bollywood to the Metaverse and especially engaging with fans globally. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content being our forte, we are delighted to put our best talents forward in making this immersive experience a stunning reality.”

There’s lots to look forward to in the near future with Bollyverse constantly adding new technologies to their studios as well as new facets onto the online platform. Stay tuned!

About Shadow Factory

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Shadow Factory is the leading production company in next generation content development and digital strategy. A full-service creative and tech studio, they specialise in developing interactive media, immersive Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality content, Metaverse creation, NFT and blockchain solutions. They aim to produce state-of-the-art, story-driven experiences and offer new and exciting ways to engage audiences. Equipped with extensive skill sets and the latest digital toolkits, their services include product development, media production, content management systems (CMS), full-stack web development, as well as building MVPs and native apps.

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