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IIFA in Partnership with Bollyverse to Make a Spectacular Debut in the Metaverse!

  • IIFA Becomes The 1st International Indian Film Award Show In The Metaverse
  • Millions Of Fans Can Now Enjoy A Whole New Immersive Experience At IIFA Metaverse on Bollyverse, astheir Official Metaverse Partner

1st June 2022, Mumbai: Bringing together the very best of the Indian cinema and film fraternity, the 22nd edition of the biggest celebration of Indian cinema – the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend & Awards – is all set to be held on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, on June 3rd and 4th, 2022, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), and Miral, Abu Dhabi’s leading curator of magnetic experiences.

With the rise of the digital culture, as an extension of the brand, IIFA is all set to thrill fans in the Metaverse for a one-of-a-kind experience with Bollyverse, as their Official Metaverse Partner for the 22nd edition in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi on June 3rd and 4th, 2022.

Serving groundbreaking IIFA experiences, all IIFA events will be covered on Bollyverse including IIFA Backstage, IIFA Green Carpet, Avatar Club, Talent Quest, VR Bar, After Party, Stage rehearsals and Touchdown as well as the much-awaited Awards Ceremony. IIFA Backstage gives you a sneak peek at the behind the scenes and all that it takes to bring this glamour-studded entertainment to the world. It will feature the stars getting ready, the make-up, the line-up and all the buzz behind the scenes. Then we take you to the action outside where the sound of excited fans, mesmerising stars, and the shimmer of gorgeous regalia takes the Green Carpet at this year’s celebration to a whole new level!

Commenting on the occasion, Noreen Khan, Vice President, IIFA says, “IIFA has always entertained and offered unforgettable experiences for audiences across the globe for the last 22 years. Year 2022 marks the 22nd Edition of IIFA Weekend & Awards in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, as an extension of the brand, we aim to showcase a grand celebration of Indian cinema’s finest talent in Metaverse – A first of its kind awards ceremony, becoming the 1st International Indian Film Award Show In The Metaverse. We are excited to dive into this new innovative technology in collaboration with Bollyverse Technology to create the IIFA Metaverse on Bollyverse where millions of fans can enjoy a whole new immersive experience.”

The Biggest Celebration Of Indian Cinema, IIFA in Partnership with Bollyverse to Make Its Spectacular Debut in The Metaverse at the 22nd Edition IIFA Weekend & Awards, Yas Island-Abu Dhabi

Bollyverse is an entity on Metaverse where everything Bollywood happens. From award ceremonies to gaming with your favorite stars, to brand endorsements and meta shopping, this is the place to be for anyone passionate about Bollywood.

Bollyverse is on board this IIFA bringing you the best in technology to transport the show and the entire experience into the Metaverse. An Avatar studio where you can create your digital double in a matter of seconds, to the Xsens experience where one can teleport their dance moves to the Metaverse. Adding to the mix, is a Showbolt, the fastest camera robotic arm in the world which can capture, edit and share cinematic quality video in seconds!

Kishore Samtani, Bollyverse’s Founder said “We are thrilled to collaborate with IIFA to bring you the biggest celebration of Indian cinema in the world to the Metaverse. Our technology and management teams are on the ground in Abu Dhabi working tirelessly in readiness to capture all the IIFA experiences.”

Bollyverse Technology is bringing together from across the world, state-of-the-art digital technology and hardware equipment as well a large top tech team to the venue to make this all a reality for the world!

With so much happening on Bollyverse,, one can’t afford to miss out on this beautiful amalgamation of the digital world and magical world of cinema coming together for the very first time. Look out for more details on how to get on board!

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About IIFA (International Indian Film Academy)

IIFA is dedicated to building bridges across cinemas, businesses, communities and nations, creating everyone’s dream: “One People. One World”. IIFA is the most appreciated South Asian film academy and a global platform that gives the Indian film fraternity an opportunity to reach audiences in international territories. The alliances made via the platform of IIFA provide huge benefits and gain to India and an equally important objective is to create similar benefits in the host country.  The aim is to establish a system of mutual benefit to both India as well as the host destinations by boosting tourism, economic development, trade, culture, cross-border investments and film co-productions. The IIFA Weekend & Awards each year and travels to new, exciting and beautiful destinations, taking the film fraternity to unite and celebrate the best of Indian film and culture, thereby taking Indian Cinema and India to a wider audience.

About Bollyverse (Bollyverse Technology Limited)

Imagine a world where you can reach out and have a chat with your favourite Bollywood celebrity, play a round of golf or shop for designer couture with them, go for cocktails and dance to their latest hit, or enjoy front row seats to the industry’s most coveted awards event. The possibilities of celebrity engagement are endless, and these experiences and more are now available to experience in the newly launched virtual Metaverse space, Bollyverse, an entity on Metaverse where everything Bollywood happens.

Celebrating one of the largest film industries in the world, Bollyverse Technology Limited is TV Products Limited and TV Products Development Limited’s newest trailblazing innovation, headquartered in Hong Kong.

Leading with a vision to combine the entertainment world of Bollywood with today’s tech sphere, Metaverse, the birth of Bollyverse brings an infinite source of entertainment directly into one’s home.

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