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Partner GOQii brings Health & Wellness to Bollyverse

Bollyverse Technology Limited is thrilled to get their first health and wellness partner on board, GOQii.
GOQii is more than just a normal tracker, it’s your SMART PREVENTIVE HEALTH PLAN!GOQii connects, tracks and takes care of your entire family’s health through a smart preventive eco-system and GOQii Care team.
Their unique health rewards program GOQii Cash brings you loads of benefits, for just being healthy. There is a smart preventive health ecosystem which combines a Fitness Tracker, an App, Care Team including a Personal Coach, Experts and a Doctor to help you meet your health targets. To take it a step further, they have partnered with top diagnostics labs which allows you to get the recommended test done from home and access reports directly on the app.

GOQii Health Locker offers you unlimited cloud storage to securely upload, organize and track all your health records.

Through Karma, GOQii enables you to walk, earn and donate karma points to social causes and #BeTheForceofGood. Its truly a dream solution for maintaining one’s health and wellness efficiently and independently!

GOQII’S care team comprises of nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness experts who will guide, motivate and support you to make lasting improvements in your health and wellbeing along with experts who constantly work along with coaches to help you achieve your goals. The experts are available for consult via the GOQii App. GOQii also has a doctor on board who is a certified general practitioner that can give you preventive consults over a mail or a phone call. GOQii Doctor is an integrated service you can avail with your subscription.

Besides all the above, the GOQii has all the functions expected out of a health tracker which include tracking steps, distance, active time, heart rate and auto sleep detection.

What makes this tracker super special is an inbuilt USB charger and a battery life of up to 7 days! To make it even better for users of all ages, it has a clear, responsive & intuitive large OLED display.
Data is at the centre of all the health and lifestyle recommendations at GOQii. Apart from the data captured by the fitness tracker and app, GOQii provides additional features for seamless health data management via a health locker which provides its users with unlimited cloud storage to securely upload prior health records and test results into the Health Locker which they can choose to share with their coach or doctor. GOQii has also tied up with diagnostics labs like Thyrocare which allow users to book tests directly via the GOQii app. The results of these test are sent directly to the Health Locker for the coach and doctor to review.
Besides the serious stuff, GOQii also has interactive fun stuff like games which help maintain cognitive abilities to help users exercise their minds. Rewards programs, social features where you can discover and make new friends via the app, share your stories and motivate each other, GOQii helps you build communities of like minded people or those with similar goals within the GOQii users in your region. To give you a 360 experience of health and wellness, GOQii has a health store, partnering with health and wellness product and service providers. On the app, you can expect to find a health services marketplace which offers a whole suit of curated health related products and services like healthy foods, online pharmacy, gym subscriptions, generic testing and diagnosis, health accessories and more!

Bollyverse is excited to have a brand like GOQii as a partner, a brand which envisions a brand-new fitness future!

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